What is OAuth?

OAuth is an authorization delegation protocol uses for authorize services, which requests coming from an external services. And giving them granular permission for specified APIs. What does that means? Assume you want to signup for some website. The below of the signup page, there is signup via…

Step by steps

In this tutorials we are using class component. So in class component we need to extend React.component and also need to implement render method, which returns the view html elements. Class components can have local state and lifecycle hooks, unlike functional components.

Step 1:

Create the component…

A ‘bootstrap’ is one of the most famous CSS framework, which gives rich features for mobile responsive designs using pre-built CSS and java script libraries.

A ‘reactstrap’ is a library which specially design for react. which gives pre-built bootstrap 4 components, which gives flexibility and usability.

Installing bootstrap

npm install…

Arrow functions were introduced with ES6 (ECMAScript 6). Generally, the arrow function declared by a constant variable.


const function_name = () => {



Case Study

This is a simple form that collects student data. React works with components, which are reusable, and independent code blocks, which returns…


SQS (Simple Queue Service) is a fully manages queuing service that enables you to decouple your application. You can use SQS to send, receive, and store messages. There are two types of queues in SQS. They are Standard and FIFO. Here we are focusing on the Standard queue. …

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